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GodTreks Adventurer Profile: Megan Yant

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Megan Yant and Sophia Bengtson, on a GodTreks adventure with Judah Christian School
Megan Yant and Sophia Bengtson, in Yellowstone National Park

Megan Yant was one of the intrepid adventurers who traveled to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park with the GodTreks Adventure Club on its first-ever summer trip with Judah students. What did she experience? Would she go again on a GodTreks trip? Judah Newsroom sat down with Megan to hear her story and to see what really happened.

Megan explained not only how she grew significantly in her faith, but also how several aspects of her life were changed. While on the trip, she and the group took part in multiple Bible studies and spent lots of time learning how to live by God’s word. Megan expressed her love for those moments and emphasized how much she didn’t want to lose them when she returned. Even after the trip came to a close, she was inspired to continually trust in Jesus and stay in her Bible.

Inspiration came in different forms throughout the trip. Megan observed her fellow students growing in their faith and in their hunger for the Lord. While having Bible studies and “Jesus time,” the students were actively engaged. They were discussing the readings, asking good questions, and yearning to hear more about the Father. “We were inspired and hungry to know more,” Megan said, “and I could visually see it.” Megan was inspired personally through her art. After the trip, she felt compelled to draw God’s beautiful creation all around her, capturing it in the most realistic way possible. She wanted to create art with the sole purpose of glorifying God and realistically representing some of the amazing artwork that is His world.

Not only did the students learn lessons from God’s word while trekking the trails of Yellowstone and Grand Teton, they also learned lessons from each other. Megan specifically felt as though she was being taught by Jesus to put more effort into understanding other people and their walks of faith. A second major lesson she learned with the group was to persevere — not just on the strenuous hiking paths, but also on her path of life. She said, “Even when things don’t make sense, you don’t just give up. You continue to study God and find out what He’s saying.”

Megan strongly believes that every Judah student should have the opportunity to be a part of a GodTreks trip. Whether students have a well-developed relationship with Christ or no background in faith at all, Megan says every serious seeker would be welcomed to learn and grow with Jesus. The trip provides a healthy environment for students and teachers alike to be open about their struggles, their problems, their victories, and everything in between. Megan said, “It’s a good environment for people to learn and discover in a very matter-of-fact way. It’s just like, ‘What is God saying to us, and why should I believe what He’s telling me?’”

— Ava Carder, class of '24


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