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GodTreks Adventurer Profile: Caleb Yant

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Caleb Yant, with the GodTreks Adventure Club at Judah Christian School
Caleb Yant, in view of Grand Teton National Park

Caleb Yant was one of the five Judah students who traveled west with the GodTreks Adventure Club in summer 2022. The Judah Newsroom conducted an in-depth interview with him to learn what life lessons he brought back. Here are Caleb Yant’s answers to our questions.

Caleb, how did the GodTreks trip change you or your perspective?

The trip gave me way more appreciation for nature. I have always been in wonder of it, but now I am more than ever! Part of it was because we saw such amazing sights. A lot of it was because we saw those sights as a group that consciously sought God in nature. The trip also gave me a greatly increased appreciation for Christian fellowship. As we lived together, ate together, and learned together on the trip, I experienced fellowship to a level I have never experienced before or since. At the beginning of the trip, we were friends; at the end of the trip, we were family.

What lessons did you learn from the leaders on the trip or from fellow students?

The leaders set a great Christian example throughout the whole trip, and they inspired me to live likewise. They were willing and eager to answer questions about their faith in Jesus and how they live it out. My peers greatly encouraged me with their hunger for learning, understanding, and devotion in following the Christian faith. To see God at work not only in me but also in those around me was a great blessing and a great testament to the power and faithfulness of God.

How could you apply the lessons of the trip to real-life situations?

The leaders helped me better understand the relationship between head knowledge and experiential knowledge. They gave me more motivation toward not only studying the scriptures but also living them day by day to grow in really knowing Jesus. I want to be strong in my Christian faith. That means always being willing to learn more and being devoted to Christ in all circumstances. Ultimately, the trip was motivation for me to be a strong ambassador for Christ.

Did the trip inspire you?

Yes. The GodTreks trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton inspired me to continually learn more about my faith, to grow more in my faith, and to work to become an ambassador for Christ. It taught me to humble myself when I am tempted to think that I already know enough about Jesus or my faith. It made me want to be more open about my faith and to live as an example of Christ.

Ava Carder, class of '24


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