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Academically Excellent, Christ-Centered.

JCS Instrumental Music Program

Band is offered to students who are in 5th-12th grades. There are four separate band ensembles at Judah: 5th Grade Band, 6th Grade Band, Junior High Band, High School Band, and two jazz ensembles.  In addition to a formal concert each semester, the Judah bands perform at school functions such as the Veteran's Day Assembly and Grandparents' Day.  The junior and senior high bands combine for Pep Band, which plays at selected athletic events.   
Concert Bands
The Judah Christian School Concert Bands are committed to giving students the opportunity to use and develop the musical gifts and talents bestowed upon them by our Lord Jesus Christ. Through musical performance, students learn how to work together to achieve common goals. The Concert Bands at Judah Christian School allow students to focus on goals and achievements that go beyond personal gain and focus on what contribution they can make for the greater good of the ensemble.
Through the study of scales, rhythm, and a variety of music literature, students learn to value the self-discipline it takes to achieve excellent music. Each band, 5th grade band, 6th grade band, and Junior-Senior High Band will play a variety of literature that is both challenging and educational. Emphasis is placed on musicianship by developing the fundamental skills related to breathing, embouchure, fingerings, counting, music reading, ensemble playing, and overall tone production.
Jazz Bands
Participate in a concert band is required in order to be involved in Jazz Band, unless the student only plays a non-concert band instrument (such as guitar) and has the permission of the director.  Jazz Band 2 is made up of younger or less-experience players who are learning the language of jazz.  Jazz Band 1 performs more challenging music and is for older players who have at least some experience playing jazz style.  Auditions may be necessary for placement in jazz band.
Judah Jazz Bands practice before school at least once a week.  While learning a variety of tunes, students practice the basics of improvising and interpreting the different styles of jazz, including swing, blues, Latin, and rock.