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Rise Up! Fundraising Event

Rise Up! is a Judah Christian School Fundraiser for the Tuition Assistance Program scheduled for Saturday, October 17, 2020, at the Field of Dreams. The goal of Rise Up! is to provide a uniquely creative, outdoor, COVID-safe event to increase awareness in our community about the Tuition Assistance Program at Judah Christian School, and invite attendees to partner with us financially.

Why Tuition Assistance? 

Part of Judah’s heartbeat is to be able to offer Christian education to families that may not be able to afford JCS, but deeply care about a Christian education for their students. Each year JCS commits a portion of the budget to Tuition Assistance for families that may not otherwise be able to attend. Families go through a process of financial evaluation, and if approved, receive Tuition Assistance. There are some incredible stories of families making sacrifices in partnership with the program so their children can go to Judah. We want to further support this program and be able to offer a Christian education to more families who may be in need. As it stands, there are families this year that will not be able to attend Judah because not enough assistance is available. Raising financial support for Tuition Assistance also increases our financial stability and makes financial resources available for other areas of our school. The impact is significant.

The Event – How Does it Work?

The format of Rise Up! is intentionally designed for our COVID times. The approach is to invite people to come to the JCS Field of Dreams on Rising Road, where staggered arrival and participation times will be assigned at 30 minute increments.  In accordance with COVID-19 guidelines, everyone present will wear masks and maintain appropriate social distance throughout the outdoor event, interacting within small groups of 8, and moving throughout the event in groups of no more than 50.  People can attend Rise Up! as individuals or as part of a group of 8 organized by a Group Host.  Each person will attend with a corresponding pre-purchased ticket, which will help to cover a few basic costs so that money raised can go directly toward Tuition Assistance.  The groups of 50 will move through 5 stations throughout the evening as follows:

  • Check-in and Silent Auction: Attendees will arrive, be greeted, and attend a Silent Auction at the first station.  Although Silent Auction items will be available for viewing at the event, all bidding will be done on mobile devices through a website that will be provided ahead of time to everyone participating.  Because of its virtual element, the Silent Auction will also be open to people who would like to participate, but are not able to attend.  We have some fantastic items, and all proceeds from the Silent Auction will go to our Tuition Assistance Fund.

  • Food: Included in the price of the event ticket is an entree and drink from one of two food trucks that will be on site for the event.  Attendees will pick up their freshly prepared food (ordered ahead of time) from the truck and have time to eat and enjoy at this station.

  • Game: Attendees will have the opportunity to have some fun and raise additional funds by playing Glow Cornhole for the cause. No experience required - just fun and some friendly competition happening at this station!

  • Dessert: After testing skills at Cornhole, attendees will be ready for some dessert and a hot drink. We’ll have a fire trough for roasting marshmallows, along with other tasty treats for all to enjoy!

  • Ask: We’ll conclude the evening by inviting attendees to make a donation to the Tuition Assistance Fund.  We will intentionally be sharing the JCS Tuition Assistance story throughout the evening, and it is our hope that everyone in attendance will choose to partner with us in this effort in a way that will help us reach our goal of $200,000.

Safety Measures

With extensive planning we’ve designed the event to have as many safety measures in place to ensure everyone’s health and enjoyment of a fun evening out. Here are a few of the things we’re doing to keep you safe and make sure you can get involved!

  • It’s an outdoor event at Field of Dreams

  • The goal is to have 240 people attend throughout the evening but groups of 48 people will show up at tiered arrival times throughout the evening. They will rotate through 5 different stations that are anywhere from 25 to 50 yards apart at any given time.

  • Within the groups of 48, are groups of 8. Your group of 8 will stay together most of the evening. Play the game together, eat together, sit together, etc. You are directed by a team leader and a group color which you will see at each station so you know exactly where to go and how to stay together. This will limit your interaction and give you clear direction on where to go.

  • In between each large group we have volunteers cleaning areas and even completely swapping out table cloths and other materials to ensure cleanliness and health.

  • All items are “drive-thru style” – prepackaged, grab and go, disposable, only you touch it. 

  • We have hand sanitizer before and after certain stations – to make sure you’re clean heading to each new area and while interacting at stations.

  • We have an event mask for every attendee.

We’ve put a ton of effort into this event to ensure that it is clean, very controlled, strategic, and directed. We are hopeful the event goes well and we are providing training for volunteers prior to the event to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to make this event as safe as possible. We want people to have a great Fall evening out and enjoy some time with friends.

How to Get Involved

In order for this event to be successful, we need the support and participation of our entire Judah Community. There are 7 key ways to get involved: attending individually, attending as a group host, volunteering for the event, being a business sponsor, donating to the silent auction, donating to the needed items list, or partnering financially.

  • Group Host - If you feel like you have the capacity to make a financial gift toward the Tuition Assistance Fund at Judah, and you would like to invite friends to attend the event, there is still time to participate as a Group Host.  Please contact Blake Porter at as soon as possible.

  • Attend as an Individual or Couple - If you feel like you have the capacity to make a financial gift toward the Tuition Assistance Fund at Judah, but you are concerned about hosting a group, you are welcome to attend as an individual. (You are still welcome to invite a friend or two to attend with you!)  If you would like to attend the event as an individual, please make your reservation by purchasing a ticket here.

  • Volunteering -  We will need volunteers at each station to help ensure seamless logistics and provide top-notch JCS hospitality.  There are also opportunities to help with set-up that will take place several evenings prior to the event itself.  We welcome the help of adults and Judah high school students. All who volunteer at the actual event will receive a t-shirt.  We need you to sign up soon, so there is time to order correct shirt sizes.  If you would generously give a few hours of your time, please sign up here.  If you have questions about any of the volunteer positions, please reach out to Laura Brown at

  • Silent Auction – Contact Kathy Garrison at to donate to the silent auction.

  • Business Sponsorships – Contact Blake Porter at

  • Donating Needed ItemsDonate needed items here.

If you have any questions at all, or need more information before deciding how you can best support this community effort, please reach out.  This is a challenging time for us all, but when we come together humble and united, trusting the Lord to provide, I believe we will be amazed at what He will do.  I look forward to you joining in this effort as you are able. Contact Blake Porter at with any questions.