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Academically Excellent, Christ-Centered.


Our challenging college-preparatory curriculum, gifted teachers, and engaging classroom atmosphere create a sacred space that inspires the transforming action of learning. Students at Judah grow physically, spiritually, and academically through their increased knowledge of the world and its Creator and a purposeful cultivation of a Christian world view.  Students who graduate from Judah Christian School's High School program are more than adequately prepared for the next step in their life, whether that be in higher education or in the workforce.  You can take a look at a summary of Judah's recent ACT scoring by clicking HERE

Click here for the Core High School Curriculum

If you are looking for a detailed description of the Secondary Program at Judah Christian School you can download and view the Secondary Handbook HERE

Judah Christian School understands and values the importance of the Junior High School years. Our 7th and 8th grade program is designed to guide our students through the transition between their elementary and high school years. We believe that this delicate time requires a special curriculum that incorporates not only a strong academic foundation, but also Christian discipleship.  The education gained during these years provides for an excellent springboard into Judah's High School Program. 

For more information on the Junior High Curriculum, click HERE.  You can also get a detailed description of the entire Secondary Program at Judah by downloading the Secondary Handbook HERE.

Judah Christian School maintains an academically rigorous elementary program including phonics, reading, spelling, English, math, science, history, and Bible.  We administer the Terra Nova Achievement test every year in grades 3 thru 6 and our students score consistently over the national norm. We also have our scores compared with private Christian schools around the United States and have found that our students score consistently above this average as well.

While we believe in maintaining high academic standards, we also believe that a child is more than just cognitive. You can view the entire Elementary Curriculum by clicking HERE

You can also get a detailed description of the Elementary Program at Judah by downloading the Elementary Handbook HERE.

Our classrooms are designed with age appropriate toys, fine motor manipulatives and art activities. We are a Christ centered program and design our weeks around our Bible lesson and memory verse. We also use thematic units that tie into our Biblical lessons. Each classroom is a little different, because no two teachers are exactly alike, but we all use the same curriculum and material in planning our units. Each week your child will learn a new Bible lesson, a new memory verse and do new art projects and activities. Science, math, language and writing are also an integral part of our curriculum.

The schedule in the Preschool is very flexible. We offer an early preschool program (8:30-11:30), a half- day program (7:30-12:30) and an all day program (7:30-5:30). A catered hot lunch is served to the half-day and full day preschoolers.   You can tailor the schedule to fit your family’s needs. We ask that once you choose a schedule that it is for the year for continuity in the classroom. If at anytime you need to permanently change your schedule, we would be happy to help in any way we can.

For a more detailed description of the Preschool Program at Judah Christian School, you can download the Preschool Handbook HERE


Academic Success Program

This is the current Judah Special needs program which focuses on supporting students with special needs, by making classroom accommodations, pull-out tutoring, testing support, and other academic supports to help students be successful in the regular classroom.  This program supports the current curriculum for students and does not require an alternative curriculum.  These services are provided by the Special Needs Coordinator.

Special Needs Coordinator Services: (Pre-K -12)

  • Identification and evaluation of students who may need additional support in the classroom
  • Evaluation of each referred student for:  Learning style, Present Academic Performance, and Identification of possible learning disabilities in reading, math, or executive functioning skills
  • Development of an Intervention Plan, Individual Service Plan(ISP) or 504 Plan for students as needed
  • Individual tutoring or instruction for students as stated in ISP or 504 Plan
  • Development of transition plan for high school students before graduation
  • Monitoring students’ medical plans, including students with allergies, diabetes or other medical conditions.
  • Assistance to teachers and parents about the Special Needs process, and recommendation and referrals, per parent permission, to outside agencies and professionals for further diagnostic testing/services.

Life Foundations Program

A program offering an alternative classroom setting and curriculum for students in 7th-12th grades who are significantly below grade level academically (2+ years).  An individual service plan (ISP) will be developed for each student in this program developed around their own individual educational needs and goals. These services will be provided by a certified Special Education teacher with collaboration from the Special Needs Coordinator.

In order for a student to be eligible for this program the following criteria must be met:

  • The student must be chronologically in grades 7-12.
  • The student’s academic functioning level is more than 2 years below his/her current grade level.
  • The students need is primarily academic and does not include significant emotional or behavioral concerns.
  • The student can function independently in classes such as band, P.E. and other electives as determined by the student’s schedule.
  • The student does not have any significant health related concerns that would require individual care above and beyond what is typically provided by Judah.
  • Program will accommodate up to 3 students