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Academically Excellent, Christ-Centered.

Special Needs Program

Academic Success Program

This is the current Judah Special needs program which focuses on supporting students with special needs, by making classroom accommodations, pull-out tutoring, testing support, and other academic supports to help students be successful in the regular classroom.  This program supports the current curriculum for students and does not require an alternative curriculum.  These services are provided by the Special Needs Coordinator.

Special Needs Coordinator Services: PK-12

  • Identification and evaluation of students who may need additional support in the classroom
  • Evaluation of each referred student for:  Learning style, Present Academic Performance, and Identification of possible learning disabilities in reading, math, or executive functioning skills
  • Development of an Intervention Plan, Individual Service Plan(ISP) or 504 Plan for students, as needed
  • Individual tutoring or instruction for students as stated in ISP or 504 Plan
  • Development of transition plan for high school students before graduation
  • Monitoring students’ medical plans, including students with allergies, diabetes or other medical conditions.
  • Assistance to teachers and parents about the Special Needs process, and recommendation and referrals, per parent permission, to outside agencies and professionals for further diagnostic testing/services.

Life Foundations Program

A program offering an alternative classroom setting and curriculum for students in 7th-12th grades who are significantly below grade level academically (2+ years).  An individual service plan (ISP) will be developed for each student in this program developed around their own individual educational needs and goals. These services will be provided by a certified Special Education teacher with collaboration from the Special Needs Coordinator as space allows.

For more information, please reference JCS's Special Needs Handbook here.