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Special Needs Program

Special Needs Program Services PK-12

  • Identification and evaluation of students who may need additional support in the classroom PK-12th grade
  • Evaluation of each referred student for possible learning challenges, including deficits in academic and executive functioning skills
  • Development of an Intervention Plan, Individual Service Plan(ISP) or 504 Plan for students, as needed
  • Individual tutoring or instruction, testing support, accommodation support and other support services as stated in an Intervention Plan, ISP or 504 Plan
  • Development of transition plan for high school students before graduation
  • Alternative curriculum for high school students for limited classes as determined by student need, caseload size, and special needs staff availability
  • Collaboration with teachers and parents about the special needs process including recommendations to outside agencies and professionals for further diagnostic testing/services as needed

Speech and Language Services

  • Identification and evaluation of students who are having trouble in the following areas: language comprehension and processing, language expression, pragmatics and social skills, articulation/phonology, oral-motor functioning, fluency and voice.
  • Development and implementation of a service plan which may include individual or small group speech sessions, within the classroom collaboration, and/or consultative services.
  • Collaboration with Director of Special Needs to best meet needs of students identified for services
  • Collaboration with parents and teachers as needed to best meet the needs of the student
  • Ongoing assessment of student progress and goal achievement, development and revision of service plan and speech goals/objectives as needed.

For more information, please reference JCS's Special Needs Handbook here.