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Academically Excellent, Christ-Centered.

PFL Overview and Sample Lessons



Purity for Life

 -- A Bible-based curriculum to prepare for, protect and pursue purity

  • Equips students with the knowledge and skills to build positive relationships and develop a healthy sexuality that honors God.
  • Encourages students to understand and apply God’s Word regarding relationships and sexuality.

Unique Characteristics of Purity for Life

  • Uses Scripture and a biblical view as its foundation
  • Helps develop personal responsibility and practical skills to prepare, protect, and pursue positive relationships and a healthy sexuality
  • Is comprehensive and developmentally-appropriate for students in grades 4-11
  • Introduces, reinforces, and provides opportunity for mastery and understanding of various concepts over time
  • Allows for flexibility in teaching lessons in a variety of ways and settings
  • Supports shifting content to different grade levels, depending on the innocence and maturity of the students
  • Develops a common language and conceptual framework among teachers and students from which to approach inappropriate talk or behavior throughout the school day
  • Targets the current generation’s way of learning and viewing the world
  • Partners with parents in teaching their children about positive relationships and a healthy sexuality

What teachers are saying about Purity for Life

“This is my third year teaching this curriculum to eighth graders. I love it, and they love it. It creates so many great conversations. There were many days this year when kids would walk in to class excited and wanting to know what we were doing or discussing that day.” Jen Grable, Christian Life Schools, Rockford, IL

“To offer students a curriculum that walks them through real life issues with a Biblical perspective is priceless. The students will be forever changed. It’s AWESOME” Stacy Welch, Middle School Teacher, Christian Life Schools, Rockford, IL

“It was good for me to teach these [lessons] to allow me to build deeper relationships with the students.” Linda Hoeflich, Elementary Principal, Mansfield Christian School, Mansfield, OH

“We really like the faith integration and emphasis on applying faith to all aspects of our lives and in relationships of all kinds. We really need this curriculum.” Michelle Selvaggio, Bible Teacher, Rochester Christian School, Rochester, NY

“The Purity for Life curriculum provided just the right launching pad for opening up the important and necessary conversations that our students and faculty so desperately needed regarding Biblical sexuality, relationships, and life skills. In this day and age, our teens are bombarded by cultures’ distorted influences. Purity for Life allowed us to safely address these sensitive issues and foster deeper relationships with our students in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Nate Jackson, Director of Biblical Studies and Discipleship, Maranatha Christian School, San Diego, CA

What students are saying about Purity for Life

“I’m on the computer from after supper until bedtime in my room almost every night. My grades are going down just like we talked about in Preparing for Purity class today. I’m going to limit my computer use starting tonight!” 5th grade male

“If we all take responsibility in how we treat the girls at school, it might help us figure them out a bit better. Besides, we’d have a lot less drama!” 7th grade male

“I never thought I needed these classes until I became friends with a girl in my youth group. I’ve been able to share with her some of the information and to also talk with her about how God sees her.” 8th grade female

“Life classes have made me start thinking of my future and realize how serious my decisions that I make could be in years to come. By showing me the consequences, everything has come to the light.” 9th grade female

“Purity for Life class discussions have had a very positive impact on my life. I’ve learned so much relating to how to keep myself focused on God and how to maintain healthy relationships throughout my lifetime. The classes have proved to be extremely beneficial in guiding me through the tough situations in my high school years and I’m confident that the classes will still be beneficial even when I’ve graduated from college and have moved on to other things in life. I am very thankful to have had these discussions.” 10th grade female

“I always knew I wanted to remain pure until marriage, but I never thought about how to make it a reality when everything around me screams to go ahead and have sex.” 10th grade male

“Purity for Life class is based around discussing social, emotional, and sexual issues through a Christian perspective. I’m glad our school has these classes and I think it’s a great thing. It has molded my thinking to always look at things as God would want me to see them. They have made me make sure my life is centered around God and his plan for me.” 10th grade male

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