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Finals Schedule

The Finals Week schedule will be as follows. 
(Junior High and Senior High follow the same bell schedule, although Junior High classes do not have final exams).


Dec 19 (Wed)

Dec 20 (Thurs)

Dec 21 (Fri)


6th period (HS) 
9th period (JH)

1st period

3rd period


7th period

2nd period

4th period





9th Period (HS)




  • High School Students will have finals, Junior High Students will not (with the exception of students taking math for high school credit). However, all students follow the bell schedule above.

  • If a high school student has 3 exams in one day, they may ask a teacher for an alternate day for one exam.

  • High School students who do not have an exam at 8am may arrive by 9:30am.

  • All high school students are dismissed after the conclusion of their last exam each day.  Junior High students are dismissed after their last scheduled class period.  If students will be staying at Judah past their last scheduled exam/period, parents should notify Dr. Gates.

  • All students must sign out in the concessions room with Dr. Gates prior to exiting the school.

  • Judah will offer activities & supervision for students who cannot be picked up at early dismissal times until the normal 4:00pm pick-up time.  After-school care will be available as usual from 4-5:30pm.