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Each of the sections includes lessons plans, student handouts/worksheets, selected teacher keys, lesson summaries and objectives, suggested order of lessons, parent letter(s), opt in/out procedures, and a guide to implement the curriculum. The entire curriculum is in pdf format and navigated via a web interface. The purchaser is assigned a user ID and password to give access to the areas purchased.


Purchase Curriculum

Preparing for Purity Pursuing Purity Protecting Purity
Grades 4-6 Grades 7-8 Grades 9-11
Designed specifically for upper elementary students, the lessons lay the groundwork for building positive relationships and developing a healthy sexuality throughout the teen years. Emphasis is on developing effective communication skills, resolving conflicts, handling peer pressure, setting boundaries, maintaining healthy friendships, understanding the onset of puberty, and being pure in thought, word, and deed. Parent guides are also included for every lesson.

Grade 4—4 lessons
Grade 5—6 lessons
Grade 6—15 lessons

Cost: $300
The overall focus of these lessons for young teens is on understanding how to live a life of purity by becoming a godly person and protecting oneself in remaining pure in a world that is bombarded with messages much different from God’s Word and design. Topics include: personal identity, responsibility, self-worth, dynamics of friendships, opposite gender friendships, harassment and gossip, thinking about dating, relationships with parents and teachers, physiology of reproduction, and basic fetal development.

Grade 7—16 lessons
Grade 8—16 lessons

Cost: $400
These lessons concentrate on equipping high school students to be pure and maintain purity as a way to honor God. They help cultivate in students the desire to pursue purity in their thought life, personal integrity, and relationships now and in their future. Areas of emphasis include understanding and appreciating gender differences, temptations and addictions, healthy and safe dating relationships, love and marriage, stress management and protective skills, contemporary sexuality issues, and accountability and restoration.

Grade 9—18 lessons
Grade 10—15 lessons
Grade 11—10 lessons

Cost: $500

All 3 sections may be purchased for $1000

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