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Academically Excellent, Christ-Centered.

Judah Support Staff

  Name Title
Laura Brown Brown, Laura Assistant to the Leadership Team
Kimberly Durst Durst, Kimberly Lunch Recess Monitor
Tammy Hoisington Hoisington, Tammy Assistant to the Leadership Team
Rebecca Jarrett Jarrett, Rebecca Receptionist
Barbra King King, Barbra Bookkeeper
Tasha King-McDonald King-McDonald, Tasha Afterschool Care
Lori Kirby Kirby, Lori Lunch Recess Monitor
Nicole Kursell Kursell, Nicole School Nurse
Paul Kursell Kursell, Paul School Nurse
Laura Lake Lake, Laura Custodian
Kate Mead Mead, Kate Enrollment & Database Specialist / HS Drama
Bebian Miller Miller, Bebian Afterschool Care Director
Jennifer Newell Newell, Jennifer Social Media Coordinator / JH Drama
Angi Riesberg Riesberg, Angi Administrative Services Specialist
Terry Wacker Wacker, Terry Hot Lunch Coordinator
Remote Learning