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Academically Excellent, Christ-Centered.

Judah History

On February 18, 1983, parents concerned over the lack of Christian Education at the secondary level held an open meeting to plan a Christian high school for the Champaign-Urbana Community. They presented the following purpose and standards for such a school: “…to train young men and women – spiritually, mentally, and physically – in an environment of education excellence that will preserve and promote the standards and the faith taught in a Christ Centered home.”

In the fall of 1983, a Christian educational ministry began for grades 7th-10th and this was the birth of Judah Christian School (JCS). The vision was to add one grade per year until JCS became a program for grades 7th-12th. To foster the growth of this new ministry, Urbana Assembly of God discontinued its seventh and eighth grade program and encouraged its former students to become involved with Judah Christian School. The school spent it's first two years in the Webber Street Church of Christ facility, in Urbana.  The school then moved to it's present facility on North Prospect Ave. 

At the request of parents, the growth of Judah continued when in May 1986 elementary education became a part of this Christian ministry. Judah was now educating and ministering to children in grades K thru 12.

The offering of this Christian education vision continued when in the fall of 1991 the Judah Christian School Society decided to incorporate a preschool into the structure of Judah – thus making JCS a ministry serving the educational needs of children from preschool through high school.

The growth of Judah continued and in 1999 the school added an additional wing to its existing building which included a gymnasium, secondary classrooms, and offices.  What was once a modest vision in 1983 has grown into a strong and vibrant educational institution with a vision for education and spiritual growth that knows no end.