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What is SCRIP?


Scrip is a fundraising program designed to earn money for Judah and reduce your tuition bill at the same time!

SCRIP allows you to buy gift cards at face value to use at many local and national retailers where you may already shop. Because Judah purchases those gift cards from a national SCRIP company at varying discounts, the result is a PROFIT that is then split between Judah and the purchasing family.

It is a fantastic win-win situation that earns thousands of dollars for Judah and Judah families.

How SCRIP Works

Gold Form Button

Gold Forms – These forms are used for our in-stock inventory of gift cards.  These are available for purchase in the main office anytime the office is open.  Just fill out the gold form, bring it in to the office with exact payment,  and you will receive your cards in person.  


Green Form Button

Green Forms – These forms are for orders that are taken weekly.  They include a wider variety of gift cards than the Gold form does. Fill out your Green form anytime during the week and turn it in with exact payment by 9:00 am Monday morning.  It can be deposited in the gray SCRIP box in the hallway just outside the school's main office.  Your order will be ready for pickup in the main office after 9:00 am Thursday morning.  (If there is no school on Monday, the orders will be taken on Tuesday by 9:00 am and available by Friday after 9:00 am.)

Even more gift card options are available online at


How the Tuition Credit Works

Every time you purchase SCRIP, your order is entered into your family's individual SCRIP account. These accounts are added up every three months. You will receive a profit report in September, December, March, and June. The total profit which you will earn is split 50% for your family and 50% for Judah. Your tuition statement will show a SCRIP credit for your family's share of the profit amount.

Questions?  Contact SCRIP Coordinator, Jenn Tapuaiga.