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Academically Excellent, Christ-Centered.

Judah's Faculty and Staff

  Name Title
Naro Anderson Anderson, Naro Music Teacher
Jaime Barnhart Barnhart, Jaime 2nd Grade Teacher
Marlene Behrends Behrends, Marlene Secondary Math Teacher
Carol Bergfield Bergfield, Carol 1st Grade Teacher
Cheryl Black Black, Cheryl Preschool and Elementary Principal
Laura Brown Brown, Laura Advancement Coordinator for the Superintendent
Janet Caba Caba, Janet Preschool Teacher
Tina Clark Clark, Tina 3rd Grade Teacher
Audrey Cochran Cochran, Audrey Guidance Counselor / International Student Advisor
Kimberly Durst Durst, Kimberly Lunch Recess Monitor & Afterschool Care
Lacey Elliott Elliott, Lacey Spanish Teacher
Justin Farkas Farkas, Justin Secondary Art Teacher
Megan Farkas Farkas, Megan Elementary Art Teacher
Becky Fredrick Fredrick, Becky Director of Special Needs & PK-8 Resource Teacher
Becky Gardner Gardner, Becky Interim Superintendent
MaryAlice Greer Greer, MaryAlice 5th Grade Teacher
William Hallett Hallett, William Secondary History Teacher
Jessica Hanks Hanks, Jessica 4th Grade Teacher
Mary Jo Harvey Harvey, Mary Jo Preschool Teacher
Debra Herche Herche, Debra Secondary Science Teacher
Nicole Hettmansberger Hettmansberger, Nicole Secondary Math Teacher
Ginger Hubner Hubner, Ginger Speech-Language Pathologist
Rebecca Jarrett Jarrett, Rebecca Receptionist
Beverly Kennedy Kennedy, Beverly 6th Grade Teacher
Christa Kennedy Kennedy, Christa Choir Teacher
Barbra King King, Barbra Business Manager
Lori Kirby Kirby, Lori Lunch Recess Monitor
Sheila Kirby Kirby, Sheila Secondary Science Teacher
Nicole Kursell Kursell, Nicole School Nurse
Paul Kursell Kursell, Paul School Nurse
Laura Lake Lake, Laura Custodian
Tamara Llano Llano, Tamara 4th Grade Teacher
Tammy Lowry Lowry, Tammy 5th Grade Teacher
Bryan Mead Mead, Bryan Secondary English Teacher
Kate Mead Mead, Kate High School Drama Teacher
Bebian Miller Miller, Bebian Afterschool Care Director
Dirk Miller Miller, Dirk Secondary English Teacher
David Monreal Monreal, David Secondary Bible Teacher
Jennifer Newell Newell, Jennifer Social Media Coordinator
Hannah Park Park, Hannah 6th Grade Teacher
Blake Porter Porter, Blake Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
Jennifer Pulkstenis Pulkstenis, Jennifer Physical Education Teacher
Kathleen Rice Rice, Kathleen Secondary Math Teacher
Angi Riesberg Riesberg, Angi Administrative Services Specialist
Magaly Rogers Rogers, Magaly Secondary Spanish Teacher
Cathy Rowand Rowand, Cathy Preschool Teacher
Lori Schaap Schaap, Lori Kindergarten Teacher
Elaine Stone Stone, Elaine Secondary Teacher
Virgil Varvel Varvel, Virgil Secondary Science Teacher
Terry Wacker Wacker, Terry Hot Lunch Coordinator
Sheryl Walker Walker, Sheryl Preschool Teacher
Steve Whited Whited, Steve Secondary Bible Teacher
Ralph Whitsitt Whitsitt, Ralph Band Teacher
Amanda Winters Winters, Amanda Preschool Teacher
Angela Zahnd Zahnd, Angela Preschool After School Care Teacher
Thomas Zielke Zielke, Thomas Athletic Dir. / Secondary History Teacher