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Academically Excellent, Christ-Centered.


Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men. (Colossians 3:23)

It is upon this premise that the Judah Arts Staff provides students with opportunities in each of the four major disciplines: Visual Arts, Instrumental Music, Chorus, and Theatre Arts.

 “Co-Curricular” in nature, each area provides foundational skills in the classroom, and augments those with after-school rehearsals, various exhibits and concerts, and a variety of evening performances. 

If we are truly creating art & performance to the glory of God, then it follows that “Excellence in the Arts” is our overriding goal. 

The art classes offered at Judah Christian School continually challenge students and help them develop their interests, while preparing them academically if they choose to pursue the visual arts after high school.  We understand that one of the most influential periods in a person’s life is childhood. The imagination is one of exploration and wonder and the JCS Visual Arts Department strives to inspire imagination and creativity in a God centered atmosphere.  What a student learns between kindergarten and high school can set them up to follow their greatest hopes and dreams.

Throughout their education at JCS, students are introduced to different mediums, styles, processes, and genres. Basic vocabulary as well as the elements and principles of design are studied. Once the foundation has been laid students go onto deepen their knowledge and develop understanding while learning new techniques, skills, vocabulary, and general knowledge about specific artists.  Students encounter a broad range of art media for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional self-expression.


Band is offered to students who are in 5th-12th grades. There are four separate band ensembles at Judah: 5th Grade Band, 6th Grade Band, Jr/Sr High Band (7-12 grades) and a Jazz Combo. Each group participates in at least two performances per semester, including the Veteran’s Day Assembly, a Winter Concert, Grandparent’s Day, a Spring Concert, and performances at the Elementary Chapel.

Concert Bands

The Judah Christian School Concert Bands are committed to giving students the opportunity to use and develop the musical gifts and talents bestowed upon them by our Lord Jesus Christ. Through musical performance, students learn how to work together to achieve common goals. The Concert Bands at Judah Christian School allow students to focus on goals and achievements that go beyond personal gain and focus on what contribution they can make for the greater good of the ensemble.

Through the study of scales, rhythm, and a variety of music literature, students learn to value the self discipline it takes to achieve excellent music. Each band, 5th grade band, 6th grade band, and Junior-Senior High Band will play a variety of literature that is both challenging and educational. Emphasis is placed on musicianship by developing the fundamental skills related to breathing, embouchure, fingerings, counting, music reading, ensemble playing, and overall tone production.

Jazz Combo

Participation in the Jazz Combo is by audition only. Auditions are held each fall at the beginning of the school year. Involvement in a concert band is mandatory in order to be eligible to take part in the Jazz Combo.

While learning a wide variety of tunes, students learn the basics of improvising and different styles of jazz (such as Blues, Swing, Latin, Funk, and Rock).

Elementary Choir

Choral music instruction is an integral part of Judah's performing arts. Judah offers choral music weekly for each grade K-6. Students also perform at Veterans Day, at Christmas (kindergarten every year; 1-3 and 4-6 alternate years), at Grandparents Day and at a spring musical (1-3 and 4-6 alternate years).

Photo by Phil Lewis

Secondary Choir

Choir for junior high (7-8) and high school are offered as electives. The High School choir performs on Veteran's Day, Christmas, and a special Spring Program.

High School Worship Team

High school students have the opportunity to participate on the worship team.  Instrumentalists and vocal performers audition for this group.  They practice before school and lead worship at the secondary chapels each week.

As an interdisciplinary art form, JCS Theatre Arts provides students an opportunity to express themselves and showcase thier gifts and talents. 

Junior High Speech - Mind, Body, Voice

This class challenges students to learn the fundamentals of acting while preparing for IESA Speech Competition.  The students present scenes in pantomime and learn qualities of a dood stage voice and improvisation.

God Speak

The high school drama ensemble “God Speak” performs pieces, many of which are student created, that are Christ-Centered and often have an evangelistic emphasis. This group not only blesses our student body during our chapel events, but uses this format to impact our local community in nursing homes and other venues as an outreach.


Junior High students stage their own production each year.  A major production for high school students take place in the spring each year, and there are also a variety of smaller showcase performance opportunities.