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Invest In Kids Scholarships

Invest In Kids Scholarship Program

In addition to Judah's own tuition assistance program, there is a new private school scholarship opportunity opening up in the state of Illinois. The Invest In Kids Act was signed into law in August 2017 and allows income tax credits for taxpayers who make authorized contributions to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). The SGOs, in turn, provide scholarships for eligible Illinois students to attend non-public schools in Illinois.

To be considered for a scholarship, students must be from a household with an annual income not exceeding 300% of the federal poverty level, must be qualified to attend a school in Illinois, and must apply for a scholarship through the Children’s Tuition Fund of Illinois.  Depending on income limits and availability, families may qualify for up to a 100% tuition scholarship. For income guidelines and further information, please visit

Click here to apply for the Invest in Kids scholarship. 
This application can be completed before applying to (or re-enrolling at) Judah.

A note for individuals and companies:

This scholarship fund is entirely dependent upon donations. Contributors to the fund receive 75% of their contribution as a state tax credit, and the funds are then distributed by a scholarship granting organization (SGO) to qualifying private schools. If you or your business is interested in contributing to Judah scholarships through the Children’s Tuition Fund of Illinois (which is Judah’s designated Scholarship Granting Organization), more information can be found at:
Children's Tuition Fund - Illinois

Financial assistance can also be attained through Judah Christian School's financial aid program, which is run through FACTS.  For more information, click here.