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Top 10 Things to Look Forward to at Judah Christian School

February 16, 2018
By Michael C. Chitty, Superintendent (PreK-12)

1.  Uncompromising commitment to our Biblical worldview, mission, and vision – Bringing honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ will always be our #1 priority. This will not change.

2.  School-wide Strategic Plan – This comprehensive plan will focus on 9 priorities, goals, initiatives, and action plans to best position JCS for the future. We plan to unveil the plan in the spring of this year.

3.  Enhanced Curriculum & Course Offerings – We are considering new course offerings and innovative approaches to the classroom. This includes an increased emphasis on gifted/accelerated learning and meeting the needs of our diverse body of student learners.

4.  House System – This new system subdivides our school (families & staff) into 6 distinct “houses.” This will allow us to better develop our core values as we seek to fulfill our school mission and address the school-day culture. This system will focus on promoting academic accomplishment, leadership development, relationship growth, and spiritual mentoring - all in the spirit of competitive fun! More information coming in the spring.

5.  Judah Rising Next Steps – The School Board and Leadership Team are currently working on potential options for the Rising Road property. We are pursuing a section of the new school design in the near future.

6.  Field of Dreams Finalized – We see the light at the end of the tunnel for wrapping up the final work on the Field of Dreams, including repairing the baseball field backstop design flaw, addressing drainage issues, moving shotput/discus pads, installing more security cameras, re-working the practice field, and contructing a building to house public bathrooms, a concession stand, storage rooms, and a press box.

7.  Repurposed Admissions Process – Our team has been working diligently to improve and streamline the admissions and reenrollment process. More improvements coming in the future!

8. Employee Benefits – We so desire to take good care of our JCS employee family. We are working on new ideas to improve and enhance employee benefits for our faculty and staff as part of our Strategic Plan.

9.  Athletic Improvements – Along with adding new sports, Judah Athletics will be focusing on initiatives including: enhanced spiritual emphasis through sports, increased strength training for athletes, new coaching mentoring/expectations, and connecting directly with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) for on campus “Huddles” (weekly devotions led by FCA leaders) for secondary student-athletes.

10.  Illinois Tax Credit – The newly-approved Invest in Kids Act allows income tax credits for taxpayers who make authorized contributions to a private tuition scholarship fund. Not only does this help Judah families who demonstrate financial need – but individual taxpayers can qualify for a state tax credit worth up to 100% of their Illinois tax liability.

11.  There are many others items we are working on – Just wanted to keep this list to a Top 10 

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

December 12, 2017
By Michael C. Chitty, Superintendent (PreK-12)

‘Twas the night before Christmas at good ole’ JCS,
And I am writing this to you from the Superintendent’s desk.
To prayerfully bring your family some joyous, holiday cheer,
And to give you a school update - just about mid-year.

The school year is moving along, and off to a great start,
Striving to teach the whole child, from their minds to their hearts.
Partnering with families and the church – with the Bible as our base,
Preparing students for service until we meet Jesus face to face.

With a great faculty and staff dedicated to the call,
Planning and teaching tirelessly, striving to give it their all.
For this is the Lord’s school and we don’t take that lightly,
Any doubt about dedication? - staff is here day and nightly.

To pursue our core values, there are 4 that you should know:
Academic excellence is one and developing leaders on the go.
But spiritual formation is what really rules the day,
Through growing real relationships with students along the way.

And you may have heard about a new level of dedication,
With the K-12 school divisions pursuing accreditation.
Talk about long hours…too many to remember,
Praying for full accreditation – now more than just an ACSI member.

But, I think about the struggles, and it nudges me to pause,
And I ponder all the challenges to the Lord and His cause.
How much longer will He tarry?  How much longer will He care?
How much longer shall we live with all the darkness and despair?

What despair you might say?  Just look to the left and to the “rightly”,
Those aren’t just directions, but strong convictions held onto very tightly.
In a dark world full of confusion, evil, and deep hate,
When will it all end? Should we even debate?
Should you stand; should you go; should you just speak out?
How to parent; how to plan; how to handle all the doubt?
Where to find direction – google, social media or the like?
Seems more questions than answers coming down the pike.

It can really beat you down, and it can really cause you strife,
Wondering how you’ll survive this 21st century life.
But the Author of all ages has the answer to it all,
Found in God’s Word, if you read it, before the last trumpet’s call.

And wait patiently upon the Lord, for He’s inclined to hear our cry,
To draw us up out of the miry clay before our sinful souls die.
And He sets our feet upon the Rock making our steps secure,
For He paid our debt with His own blood – our lost souls to procure.

So in a world full of confusion, misdirection, and the mess,
Let Jesus be your compass – His direction is always best.
For He stands on a firm foundation no matter how we spin,
I have already read the back of the Book and guess what – He wins!

Now as the wintry wind begins its seasonal, westerly roam,
And I bring closure to this yuletide, Christmas poem.
Please keep Judah Christian School in your plans and your prayers,
And consider charitable giving as we move the calendar year.

Please receive my heartfelt gratitude for reading this festive rhyme,
I hope I’ve not disappointed or wasted your holiday time.
And may you hear as I proclaim and leave this written site,
Merry Christmas from the Tribe of Judah, and to all a glorious night!


Who is this guy? – 10 Things You Might Not Know About Superintendent Mike Chitty

November 29, 2017
By Michael C. Chitty

I would like to welcome you to my newly created Superintendent’s Blog. My plan is to periodically share information from “my world” with anyone who might choose to click and read. Some topics may be random (like today’s edition) while others may be more educationally focused or light-hearted. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but now that I have reached the half-century mark and have seen/experienced many of life’s offerings I feel the need to pass some of them along. My prayer is that the content of these blog entries will at some point challenge or encourage you; or maybe it might just make you smile or ponder life a bit more deeply. I would be encouraged by any of these responses. May the Lord bless you. So here we go….with a random Top 10 List.

Who is this guy? – 10 Things You Might Not Know About Superintendent Mike Chitty:

1.  I grew up in a home with 5 total children – I was the only boy with 4 sisters. Interestingly, I now have 5 children of my own, but with the opposite gender makeup – 4 boys and 1 girl.

2.  I played NCAA Division I Basketball for Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas from 1985-89. This is also where I met my wife, Shelley.

3.  My hobbies include archery, genealogy, cooking, and cutlery sharpening (yes – I like to sharpen knives).

4.  Before God’s call to Christian Education, I was planning to work for the FBI. I was actually certified as a Fingerprint Expert, working for a major metropolitan police department for two years.

5.  My musical tastes are very eclectic, ranging from classical to country, to southern gospel and U2.

6.  My passion for Christian education runs deep. I believe that an acknowledgement of God is the beginning of all learning (Proverbs 1:7).

7.  My Uncle, Scotty Bowman, is the winningest coach in NHL history, and my 1st cousin, Stan, is the General Manager of the Chicago Blackhawks.

8.  I love Top 10 Lists.

9.  The St. Louis Cardinals is my all-time favorite sports team.

10.  If entered into an “all you can eat” contest, I would choose vanilla pudding…and a spatula.

Did you learn something new about me?  Comment to be entered to win a Judah Tervis Tumbler. 

Until next time.....


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