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Academically Excellent, Christ-Centered.

Judah Life

While Judah Christian School's primary function is to educate students, the school also offers a variety of avenues for parents and family members to get involved.  A school like ours does not function well without positive parental support both spiritually and practically.  Please take a look below at the variety of ways that you can both get involved with your student's academic success and aid Judah Christian School as we progress into the future. 


Beginning with the 2008-09 school year, Judah joined the RenWeb team and is providing our current families with a vital link to valuable academic and school information.  Any family with a valid email address on file with the school will be able to create a user account on RenWeb to view information about their school account and student educational information. This data will be available to you any time of the day or night.  RenWeb allows all Judah parents to access the following information from any computer with Internet access: 

  • Family Demographic Data
  • Weekly Grades
  • Homework
  • Attendance
  • Student Accounts
  • School Bill – pay your bill online

You can log-in or sign-up for a RenWeb account by clicking on the following image:

There is almost always something happening at Judah Christian School.  Come and enjoy an athletic contest, band/choir performance, theater show, or refresh your memory on the next parent/teacher conference date.  Anything and everything that you would need to know about what is happening at Judah is included on our calendar.  For ease of use you can also download our calendar as a iCal file or utilize the RSS feed function.  You can find our calendar and these options by clicking HERE. 

The Judah Library provides books and media materials that educate and inspire, helping our students, faculty and parents to impact the world for Christ. Our collection contains over 17,500 volumes. Preschool students visit the library for story time each week.  Elementary students have weekly library times for instruction and checkout. Junior high and senior high students may come to the library from study hall to read and do research.  Our library is also periodically in need of volunteers, so anyone interested in helping out should contact our librarian, Sarah Schuh.  

Judah Christian School elementary students are also involved in the Accelerated Reader Program.  

Photo by Jason Mills

One of the more popular attractions for our students at Judah is our exceptional hot lunch program.

Hot lunch is available to all students for the entire month or just for a select number of days. Lunch menus become available the month prior to the meals and can be obtained from the school office prior to the registration deadline (email reminders will be sent out each month).

You can choose the days your child will receive hot lunch by circling the dates and returning the form to the school by the designated due date. Each student receiving hot lunch should have a form returned to the school with cash or a check payable to Judah Christian School. The purchase of milk is $ .25 additional to the meal. Your child may also purchase milk on dates they are not receiving a hot lunch.  You may only submit a lunch menu up until the deadline noted for that month.

All grades, K-12, have the option of ordering the $3.25 or $4.00 portion.  The larger portion is a double entrée, except on Hoagie days.  Hoagies have double meat and double cheese for the larger portion. 

Our hot lunch staff also periodically needs volunteers to help work in the lunch room.  If interested, please contact the school at 217-359-1701. 

The goal of JCS JudahConnect (formerly PTF) is to provide fellowship opportunities for Judah families, support and encourage Judah teachers, increase the parent involvement at Judah and continue to help make Judah a welcoming school. We look forward to building relationships between families and hope that you will attend and enjoy JudahConnect events with your family. JudahConnect is looking forward to a wonderful year, and as always, the JudahConnect Board appreciates your support!

Are you interested in raising money for Judah Christian School without altering your daily schedule?  There are numerous ways in which Judah families can continue with their current daily tasks while raising money for our school.  To participate you simply choose the program(s) that best fits your normal activities, follow the instructions and you're on your way to helping.

JCS participates in the national fund raising programs displayed below. You can purchase food items and clip the required labels. You can purchase gift cards for your own use or to give as gifts through the SCRIP program. 

Each program is carefully explained by clicking on one of the icons below. With minimal effort Judah can receive additional funds to support school programs and activities.  Thanks so much for your support!


Box Tops

Box Tops for Education

Earn cash for Judah through an everyday activity like buying groceries, at no additional cost to you! Clip Boxtops from hundreds of participating brands.

The Boxtops for Education Program is a great way for Judah to earn money. All it takes is saving the boxtops on many General Mills products and the school turning them in to General Mills. Each boxtop is worth ten cents.

General Mills sends out checks two times a year. Boxtops should be turned in to the collection box in each teacher?s classroom. Handy collection worksheets are available to help you keep track of your labels as you collect them. Simply tape the box top label to the sheet. Once it is complete, turn it in and start a new one.  Boxtops can be saved all year.



What is SCRIP

Scrip is a fundraising program designed to earn money for Judah and reduce your tuition bill at the same time!

SCRIP allows you to buy gift cards at face value to use at many local and national retailers where you may already shop. Because Judah purchases those gift cards from a national SCRIP company at varying discounts, the result is a PROFIT that is then split between Judah and the purchasing family.

It is a fantastic win-win situation that earns thousands of dollars for Judah and Judah families.

How SCRIP Works

SCRIP works in two ways:

Gold Forms (Download a Gold Form HERE) – These forms are used for our in-stock inventory of gift cards.  These are available for purchase in the main office anytime the office is open. 

These cards can be purchased with check or exact cash – the office will not have change. Use them to go out to lunch at the last minute, pay your Kohls' bill, or go out to Cozy’s Custard to celebrate a good day!

Green Forms (download a Green Form HERE) – These forms are for orders that are taken weekly.  They include a wider variety of gift cards than the Gold form does. Fill out your Green form anytime during the week (it can also be found outside the main office) and turn it in by 9:00 am Monday morning, along with your cash or check, to the gray SCRIP box in the main hallway just outside the main office.  Your order will be ready for pickup in the main office after 9:00 am Thursday morning.  (If there is no school on Monday, the orders will be taken on Tuesday by 9:00 am and available by Friday after 9:00 am.)

There are so many ways that SCRIP fits into your life to help you reduce your tuition bill and help Judah all at the same time!

How the Tuition Credit Works

Every time you purchase SCRIP, your order is entered into your family's individual SCRIP account. These accounts are added up every three months. You will receive a profit report in September, December, March, and June. The total profit which you will earn is 50% for Judah and 50% for your family. Your tuition statement will show a SCRIP credit for your family's share of the profit amount.

One of the great priority hopes of each of us on the Judah School board last year was to encourage and enable the prayer life of the Judah family. Our means for accomplishing this was to send you all a monthly prayer letter, listing the names of specific families, and highlighting key events in the Judah family, for us all to present to the gracious hand of our loving Heavenly Father. Many thanks to Jenn Lance for faithfully putting these prayer calendars together each month.

We certainly want to continue this endeavor in 2017-18, and hope that each of you will join with each of us on the School Board, as we pray for the Lord's protection, provision and great providence in the lives of each family, teacher and staff member at this sweet school during the year.

In the words of Thomas Watson, speaking on Acts 12:5-7 - "The angel fetched Peter out of prison, but it was prayer that fetched the angel."

If you have any specific requests that we can pray for you, or that you would like included in the calendar, please do not hesitate to let us know

Praying for and with you and your families,

Brian, Jenn, Mike, Ben, Graham, Larry and Dave