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Educating. Inspiring. Impacting the world.

The Judah Board of Education


  • Brian Aldridge
  • Graham Berry
  • Jenn Lance
  • Larry Parks
  • Mike Nash
  • Ben Newell
  • Dave Wheeler
Judah Board meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month except December in the high school library at 6:30pm.  Meetings are open to the public except for Executive Session items.

As God continues to bless and grow Judah Christian School, the school board will pursue the following goals:

  • Expanding JCS Course Offerings- The Judah Christian School Board is committed to developing a thoroughly Christian and thoroughly professional program. As part of this continued commitment, the board is devoted to introducing new full-time faculty positions to better serve Judah’s student body. At the same time we are committed to increasing the compensation for faculty in order to help attract and retain skilled and effective teachers.

  • Increasing Financial Assistance- The School Board has worked diligently to keep tuition costs low. At the same time, we realize that there are many families who still cannot afford to send their children to Judah. We are committed to expanding the school’s financial aid program for the purpose of helping more families benefit from Judah.
  • Promoting Racial Diversity - We want Judah to be a tangible model of racial and ethnic unity, demonstrating that Jesus Christ breaks down cultural barriers; this will mean taking steps to build and grow both corporate and individual relationships within various ethnic communities in Champaign County.
  • Meeting Special Needs - In 1999 we offered the first phase of a special education program to better meet the educational needs of our diverse student body. We are asking the Lord to expand our capacity for working with gifted and special needs students.
  • Expanding Our Facility - Very soon we anticipate reaching maximum occupancy in our current facilities. We are asking the Lord to provide financially to enable us to devlop 48 acres of additional property we purchased on Champaign's west side in April 2011, creating a Judah campus that will accommodate the growing demand for Christ-centered education in Champaign County.

Click here to open the Judah Christian School By-Laws in a new window.